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Peter presents his artwork in three styles. Primarily there is of course the original - one of a kind. Secondly there is the Artist Proof and thirdly there is the Limited Edition Print.


The original will have a description attached to it including the size, art material and production means. Commonly Peter uses digital prints of photographs he has personally taken, printed on canvas or specialty papers (eg cotton rag) with artwork added in oil paint or acrylic and often ochre/emu oil or similar materials.

Artist Proof

The Artist Proof will be a large beautifully printed copy of the original with a small amount of art added including possibly ochre/emu oil and personally signed by Peter. The Artist Proof will be a very limited edition, usually 10 only and will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity. The are highly prized collectors items.

Limited Edition Print

The Limited Edition Prints will be a beautifully printed copy of the original, smaller than the Artist Proof and will be personally signed by Peter. The Limited Edition Print will be a limited edition of 100 prints and will be an affordable alternative to the select Artist Proof.

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