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Central Australia July 2019 - Material for next group of paintings

Art on Bundjalung - Peter Rowe 1 June 2019, Lismore NSW

Art on Bundjalung presented a great showcase of local artists including Peter, his Mother Auntie Enid and sister Jenny.

Peter Rowe offers a poignant lesson about the cause and effect of land treatment which will continue to resonate with audiences.


Through his exploration of connection to Country, Peter contrasts the fragility of life with the resilience of land.

His distinctive combination of photography and painting is conducive to creating work that is thoughtfully resolved and subsequently compelling.


The rock art of the Thylacine at Yeddonba Aboriginal Heritage Site allows the artist a connection back to his Tasmanian ancestral lands, transporting along with it sacred stories and tradition.  


“The Thylacine reminds me of my Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage. It also provides lessons for us all through the sad story of its apparent extinction through the interaction with the English settlers and their attitude to the land.

It is a proud, strong animal. “

A well-travelled and well-versed artist; Peter Rowe is about to visit one of his favourite areas in the country, the MacDonnell Ranges for more artworks. He has worked and sustained his arts practice since 1978 and was formerly an Army Reserve lawyer in Wodonga and former Media Studies teacher at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. Peter now lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

Click on each artwork for the storyline and details of the work.

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